Monday, December 20, 2010

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Generations Concert

We had 4 family members in the first annual Sonoran Trails Generations Concert last night! Noah was on percussion, Grampa Chuck played coronet, and Nate and Mike played trombone. They all did a great job! The music sounded pretty good, too! Thanks to Grampa for driving up here for 2 practices this week as well. And it was nice to have Bubbie in the audience. We played Rummikub with the boys before the concert. Always fun!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Stuffed Animal Report

Jonah worked really hard on his stuffed animal report for school. I thought he would choose horses, but he came right out with elephants. We learned a lot about them! Nate helped him find 3 books from the library, and several websites he found by doing a search online. We don't get the opportunity for much arts and crafts with boys, so I was in heaven with this project. It was tough to let Jonah to all the work. He even went over to Jodi's and got some horse hair for the tail and eyelashes! Great job Jonah! We are going to do a wolverine next, just for fun. Boys.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Nate is having a great time playing for the Renegades!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Band Concert!

Thank goodness Bubbie had her camera phone ready and in action last night, or else we would not have any pictures to document a fantastic evening! We had our middle school band concert with Nate and Noah performing. They put on a great show with some really good music. It was a fun concert.

Afterwards we had some friends come back to our house for ice cream. I had criticized Mike when he came back from the store with 5 cartons of ice cream and 8 toppings. But the kids loved it and made some incredible and disgusting creations.

It was really nice to have a supportive audience! Cheryl was able to make it after work, Jodi and Drew came ( there were a lot of "barn kids" in the concert!) and Bubbie and Grampa Chuck came back from their Utah trip early for us. Thank you for coming! We love you all!

Pictured from L to R is Nate, Gabe, Madelynn, Brinley, Trey, Sam, Noah, Jonah, and the little one who I forgot his name at the moment!

Status Update

There is always so much going on, I thought I should post a little update even though I really don't have pictures. Sorry Deb!

Sam was asked by Bear Essential News for Kids to read one of his stories on air. He went to Fox 1o Studios on Saturday and read a commercial and also his story. He was so prepared he did it in one take! I was very impressed. He refused to allow any pictures, but is was an exciting day. We are waiting for an e-mail informing us of when they will use his clips on TV.

Nate signed up for Football this week! He has a couple of friends playing on the NYS North Phoenix League who convinced him to join them. I am preparing for some injuries. ugh He is super excited and plans on enjoying it. This behavior is new for Nate so we are super excited for the season to begin after the Holidays.

STILL waiting for the season to begin for roller hockey. Sam has me call every week. I guess there aren't enough players for a league signed up yet. Bummer. Sam skates almost every day, and really wants to play. I might look into real ice hockey for him.

We are off to Tucson this Saturday to watch Noah play in his second State League game! We are excited his team moved up into the State Division. We were a little nervous about playing at this level, but last week's game the entire team played really well and Noah had a shut out! So everyone is a little more relaxed and looking forward to playing hard and having fun. It is amazing to watch Noah in action. He has some great saves and has come a long way since he began playing the goalie position in August.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Halloween Gymkhanas!!!

Jonah and I had a great time at Jodi's on Halloween. We had to dress our horses to match our costume.
Jonah dressed at Nacho Cheese with Snuffy, and Moose and I were Little Bo Peep. So fun!

You can't really tell in the picture, but Snuffy has eye holes painted to match Jonah's.

My favorite part is the rear view mirrow and horn on the cane I borrowed. Cool